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Unresolved issues

#2 GAwesomeBot is Offline Major outage

Investigating    vlad     a month ago

We're currently investigating the downtime we're encountering… We're super sorry for it, and we'll keep you up to date once we're back up!

Resolved    vlad     5 months ago

We've noticed that some of our shards were not booted up properly. A small reboot was done and everything is back up and running again! Sorry, again, for the inconveniences đŸ˜”đŸ’™

Resolved    vlad     5 months ago

GAwesomeBot is back online, and we are super sorry this happened. We've had to take care of a few things on our VPS, which took longer than expected

Identified    vlad     5 months ago

GAwesomeBot is down once again as we are doing some maintenance on our VPS. We will keep you up to date, and we are very sorry for the downtime!

Resolved    gilbert     6 months ago

The bug that caused this outage has been discovered and a fix is in the works.

GAwesomeBot is back online.

Monitoring    gilbert     6 months ago

All shards are now operating normally.

Monitoring    gilbert     6 months ago

As of now all but one shard has come back online. We're continuing to keep a close eye on the situation and will follow with updates shortly!

Investigating    vlad     6 months ago

We've noticed a major downtime in our bot and are currently investigating to see what the cause of the problem is, and how to solve it! Please stand by.

Past incidents

#1 The dogfact command is erroring Degraded performance

Resolved    gilbert     6 months ago

We have updated the dogfact command to no longer rely on an external API, it is now functioning again!

Identified    gilbert     6 months ago

The service that the dogfact command depends on is no longer available. We're looking for alternatives; in the mean time, the command will continue to throw errors.

We're sorry for the inconvenience!